Vinpower USBShark 23x USB Copier

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Vinpower USBShark 23x USB Copier
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Copy comfortable and in a short time your USB sticks with a fabulous transfer rate of 33MB / sec. Two copying facilities either Data or bit by bit copy mode for bootable USB sticks. Our Duplicators support all USB sticks in all formats. No PC knowledge required as it is a standalone device. In aluminum housing for best heat dissipation. Specially designed for the toughest 24/7 operation, long life and minimum waste. Quite easy to use with 4 keys control (4 hotkeys +). Languages ​​Support: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and others on request. additional information: - Target audience: advertising agencies, USB sticks with drivers, manuals, etc. - Read-only or read-only USB sticks can not be made - Multiple partitions possible on RAW Copy - Bootable USB sticks with non-Microsoft boot image because MS boot images are encrypted. This works best grub4dos so that even Windows can start. - Must be updated from time to time. We do this for free. However Returns must bear the customer. On average EUR 7.00 - Most USB 2.0 sticks have a much lower rate than 33 MB / s. The transfer speed depends by case according to the USB sticks - USB 3.0 is supported, but only to 33 MB / s - Supported formats: HFS +, HFSX, FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ext 2/3/4