Vinpower SDShark 63x SD Copier

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Vinpower SDShark 63x SD Copier
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Copy comfortable and in a short time your SD / MicroSD card with a fabulous transfer rate of 33MB / sec. Two copying facilities either Data or bit by bit copy mode for bootable SD / MicroSD card. Our Duplicators support all SD / MicroSD cards in all formats. No PC knowledge required as it is a standalone device. In aluminum housing for best heat dissipation. Specially designed for the toughest 24/7 operation, long life and minimum waste. Quite easy to use with 4 keys control (4 hotkeys +). Languages ​​Support: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and others on request. additional information: - Target group:, use advertising agencies, guides, additional high-tech companies, the SD / microSD card as a hard drive to control your machine. - Read-only or write-protected SD / MicroSD card can not be made - Multiple partitions possible on RAW Copy - Must be updated from time to time. We do this for free. However Returns must bear the customer. On average EUR 7.00 - Most SD / MicroSD cards have a far lower rate than 33 MB / s. The transfer speed depends by case according to the SD / MicroSD card - Supported formats: HFS +, HFSX, FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ext 2/3/4