Vinpower HDDShark 8x HDD Turbo Copier

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Vinpower HDDShark 8x HDD Turbo Copier
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Vinpower Digital HDD Shark disk copier with robust technology and a design easy to use (8 buttons) but powerful performance. For fast backups and OS deployment. Formatting or deleting hard drives Also suitable for safe. All disk formats mixable as HDD => SSD or 3.5 "=> 2.5". As Turbo with 150 MB / sec. available. Languages Support: English, Spanish, French, Japanese (Chinese and Arabic on request) additional information: - Target group: Target audience: System houses, companies Archival, meanwhile authorities for erasing hard drives. An EU certification our turn. - Formats: FAT, extFAT. NTFS, ext2 / 3/4