.Rimage CATALYST 6000 w/ Prism Printer w/ Perfect Print 2x BD

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.Rimage CATALYST 6000 w/ Prism Printer w/ Perfect Print 2x BD
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Rimage Catalyst ™ disc publishing systems offer your robust Industrial Mechanics and your appealing design the ideal Solution for your professional disc production of the highest quality. The Catalyst ™ series is the perfect solution when there is no large-scale production is required. The Catalyst System is standard with a Everestฎ 600 or a prism III ™ printer equipped and can fits any IT environment with or without integrated PC be ordered. Catalyst systems, equipped with the world's best Vollfarbund Monochrome thermal disc printers offer class Print results and high productivity in an attractive design. With positive airflow through a front accessible Filters, recorders with quick release, forward-facing Hard drive bays and separate printers are designed Catalyst systems that easy maintenance is ensured in any environment. A carousel with 3 compartments allows a capacity of up to 150 discs. You can either a disc type for continuous production or up to three different types of discs for choose a higher flexibility. The disc output can external to the output shaft or a internal compartment are configured behind a lockable door. functions • Rotating 150-disc carousel for input / output • External output of 50 discs • Integrated network-enabled computer (with Catalyst 6000N) • Front accessible air filter and a positive air flow. • Two-line LCD status display • Integrated DiscWatch ™ status light • USB port at the front of the chassis (USB 3.0) • Interior lighting with door open. • Two interchangeable front recorder with quick release • Front access drive bays • Rimage software package (Rimage Software Suite, RSS) • Printer Everest 600 or Prism III - Everest 600: Printer best quality for permanent full-color printing - Prism III: The fastest monochrome thermal disc printer with the lowest cost per Disc is available in the market currently. 2 recorders 3 subjects / 150 Discs Carousel CPU Intel i3-4330 4th Generation HDD storage 2 x 500 GB RAM 8 GB Operating Systems Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) Network adapter Two 1 Gbit Ethernet adapter